Young people and society

Welcome to Module 2 Young People and Society. This module is designed to help you understand some of the theoretical background of youth development work, so that you can relate what you are doing to the social context in which you are working.

You will already be aware that young people have roles and responsibilities. These responsibilities are different in each society, yet particular aspects are common across most societies.

In the module you will examine:

  • how young people are seen in various societies, and from different sociological perspectives
  • the range of definitions of ‘youth’, ‘adolescence’ and ‘family’
  • the problems and issues facing young people and the societies in which they live

Understanding the social situations of young people is crucial. This module aims to illuminate the situation of young people in your society by exploring what researchers and theorists have said about youth in different social contexts, and relating that to general theories about society.

Your role as a youth development worker is to help to improve conditions for young people. In doing this, you will be helping to develop the society in which they live.

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Young people and society